Production on the individual sizes of carpenter

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Experts in the manufacturing of prestigious fronts

ITALFRONT – is a brand, created by a bunch of entrepreneurs, industrialists, traders and craftsmen, to discern the quality of products with label “Made in Italy”. The unification into one brand lets us be competitive at home and international markets, providing high quality, professionalism and required services for products created in our company.

Fronts and panels, coatings, working surfaces and frames, they are made at our plants which occupy the territory of 10 000 square meters. The most flexible and productive devices and systems are used. In fact, the control of manufacturing process is a guarantee of absolute reliability. The row materials are carefully chosen to provide great durability and reduce the price of production. Furthermore, varnishes that we use, showed the least tendency of yellowness to appear and the highest durability of surface.

That proves, that ITALFRONT is the best partner for tracking and providing all your needs – quality, precision at details and wide range of products,
made by all demands of perfection … “Made in Italy”.

Lavoro We can accentuate Your skill

We pay great attention to the design and aesthetics combined with care in every detail. Due to our advanced technologies, we can offer you a wide choice of timber and designs and also care in details that will accentuate the uniqueness of your handicraft.

Technology and care with precision in every millimeter that You need

How many carpenters happened to ask,

Many masters in the field of carpentry have already thought about this, at least, for once: “If I could have ready-made fronts – the ones made of the desired type of timber, of the desired color and in the desired quantity, of the desired design, care in every detail and of the unfailing quality that only industrial equipment can guarantee, then I would be able to enlarge my field of activities so considerably! And if I had at my disposal the fronts lacquered to the mirror gloss, with an excellent surface and even styrol-free, how many other clients would I be able to cater to?” The “Italfront” company has a solution for you! We are the only manufacturer that will place at your disposal the required product as You would make it yourself at Your shop; and all that would take the minimum costs and result in high profit for you.

Our manufacturing experience will crown the quality of Your handicraft

A carpenter who turns to the "Italfront" has the following special advantages:

  • he doesn’t have to keep a warehouse and spend a great deal of time acquiring the raw materials, he has practically no waste products, gains profit and wins in the professional sense.
  • he can buy fronts, panels and ready-made accessories for the niches that oftentimes can’t be manufactured with the help of his own equipment, without any waste products and of the required quality of the product, with the area ranging from 1 m2 to 1000 m2 at a time.
  • he can offer his customers a choice of over 200 types of design, of a different price range correspondingly, for every type of a client and can thus enhance his prestige.
  • the unfailing high quality is at his disposal.

we have omitted the word "passion"!

We process wood and therefore we get along so well with the carpenter. We speak the same language: we do in the field of manufacturing and You in the handicraft. But the philosophy remains the same: passion for a well-done job, great care of the environment and nature, as well as the work place. The “Italfront” works with the wood of firm specimen, not from primeval forests, with styrol-free lacquers, having the minimum odor and glues with a very insignificant content of. formaldehyde.

We manufacture solely quality